France is lovely, and it smells of home. London, not so much.

I'm not dead, I still don't have a working internet connection back in the UK, and this horrible thing called work is taking up a lot of time.

I'm nearly caught up on my jewellery orders (business picks up in the run-up to Christmas, which is nice), and I'm still way behind on my story. I've done 15,000 words, and I need to ideally be up to 25k by the end of the weekend. That's unlikely to happen, but it's not impossible. If I can get up t0 20k, that will be pretty much good enough. That's certainly possible.

Flight was fine - pilot from Easyjet actually understands customer service. Was shocked, but pleased - may write to them and tell them how good he was. Ground staff were utterly fucking appalling - am definitely planning to write to complain about them. Complete and total lack of understanding of basic customer service, or even health and safety principles - shutting a plane load of people in a tiny waiting room, with the heating on full blast, closing all the doors and windows, and then not giving us any information about what's happening and why we're delayed by 40 minutes is utterly unacceptable.

The apology from the pilot - which was polite, informative, specific and sounded fairly sincere - went a long way to making up for the shockingly bad attitude of the gate staff, but since it's a contracted out service, I rather think I might write to Easyjet, urge them not to renew the contract with a company that's so obviously lacking in basic training for its staff.

Incompetence annoys me.

Fran –   – (12 November 2010 at 11:58)  

Glad to see you're back to having fun with Easyjet!! :)
Be heartened to know though that as much as the pilot gave you a plausible excuse, they make them up as they go along haha. Unless blatantly obvious for the reason for the delay, they decide which ones they've not used for a while and chat that over the mike, so it was probably a load of bull they were feeding you, even if he was convincing xx

Nicole  – (12 November 2010 at 21:45)  

Ah, no, generally I assume it's all bollocks, but in this case, he'd clearly been bitched at by enough people who boarded before the rest of us plebs to know what he ought to be apologising for. I was impressed he bothered at all, to be honest!

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