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Dear mobile phone company,

Yes, I have indeed been a loyal customer of yours for several years now. Do you know why? Let me tell you.

It's not because I don't know about other mobile companies, or because I think your offer is amazing. It's not because your advertising sways me.

It's largely, in fact, because your offer is good enough*, and you haven't pissed me off enough to make me want to move.

So what on earth made you think that getting telemarketers to call me, in a foreign language, at dinner time was a good idea? What made you think that trying to sell me products I neither want nor need, over the phone, when I can barely hear your telemarketer in his call centre anyway, was going to work?

If I want any other products from you, I have the internet: I can find them and purchase them, all by myself. (I have, in fact, just done this, if you'd check your records.)

Calling me just annoys me. I don't like phone calls, particularly not from strangers, particularly not when I've switched off from work and stopped thinking in French.

More calls like this will not make me expand my use of your products, it will make me change my service provider. I cannot be the only one - in fact, I can't imagine why telesales generates enough income to offset the previously-neutral-now-actively-pissed-off customers who will suddenly be inspired to start looking at alternatives.

Good job, guys.

* Read: no worse than anyone else's - all French mobile phone tariffs are crap.

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