It's been a busy month

What have I been up to?

Well, I've been brave and had a haircut. (Those of you who know me will maybe begin to appreciate how traumatic I find haircuts. Adding in the complexity of a foreign language actually makes it easier, because it's expected that I won't know the relevant vocab. Not knowing the vocab in your native language does tend to make you look like a bit of an idiot...)

I've started remaking my jewellery website, and been learning more about responsive web design, as part of my new web design venture. (Did I ever tell you about that? It's here.)

I've continued dealing with the unemployment centre - a post on how the whole unemployment system works here is bubbling away in my brain, since it's (I gather) quite different to the UK one, and I couldn't find any information on the process when I started dealing with them.

I've made a thing: a green variscite and copper pendant

Copper and variscite pendant - collection of photos1

I've seen lots of sunrises.


Sunlight on the sea

Sunlight on the sea

I've been to the Monaco Yacht Show, and watched the Red Arrows flying over the port. (As an aside, unless you own a yacht I think you would not believe the peripheral industries that spring up around yachts. I was certainly surprised - I guess defining a niche market is good, but I'm not sure I'd ever have imaged that the number of customers looking for a handmade mattress to go in their yacht is big enough to support a whole business. How wrong I would have been... I also liked the handmade furniture - the inlays on the dining room tables, with sterling silver finishes, were particularly stunning.)

Prior to the yacht show, Monaco also hosts a series of events with classic boats, like this one:

Old ship sailing from Monaco

I watched a couple of those sailing around, and realised I love them. Maybe I was a sailor in a past life, or something. I certainly couldn't be one in this life, climbing rigging is probably not for me!

I watched the moon over the sea for a while one night. The photos didn't come out well, but this is a nice picture of the moon.

The moon

I've watched several firework shows. Last night's was nice - over at Fontvieille, rather than the big port, but still lovely. (You can see quite a lot of the skyline from our flat.)

Heidemarie  – (7 October 2013 at 15:01)  

(My first attempt at leaving a comment went awry, so I'll try again. Hopefully I'll remember all the clever things I wrote.)

I was glad to see your post this morning. I spent the last week catching up on what you had written since you've restarted writing. I was going to chastise you for not updating in weeks, because I so enjoy reading your blog while I have my brekky and procrastinate starting my work day.

Nicole  – (7 October 2013 at 15:13)  

Some people can be so demanding...

Updates are not quite as frequent as they were back when I started this blog (to say the least!) but I do try to remember. Now I know there's someone actually reading, I'll make more of an effort ;-)

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