Walking in a winter wonderland...

That song never said you'd be walking because there would be no trains. Misleading, I feel.

Train service of a kind finally restarted today, after yesterday's complete shutdown. It's not what you might call back to normal though - I've just spent an hour standing in the snow waiting first for a train that never came, then for a train that was heavily delayed, and packed solid. Even those men with big people-brooms on the Japanese metro couldn't have got us on. And finally, for a train that when it did come was delayed, but has seats.

I'd like to thank Southern for their clear communication during this difficult period, but since there was absolutely none, I find I can't. Bonus points go to the woman in the nice warm National Rail call centre who insisted that we must have had announcements - every 7 minutes - because that was what her list said was supposed to happen. Despite those of us actually, you know, living it telling her otherwise.

I would genuinely like to thank the lovely people in the cafe upstairs who made me the best bacon sandwich and coffee in the world. A small ray of sunshine in the day, but better than nothing!

Fran –   – (3 December 2010 at 18:30)  

Try working in an office on a barren airfield that is currently masquerading as a Siberian airfield from a Bond movie, where it got so cold the other night that the old cast iron pipes that transfer our nice hot water for our central heating froze!! And where we've had to turn up to the last 3days because the big bods from HQ down in London have been up making noise. Last night it stayed at -13 for 6hrs and has not risen above the heady heights of -0.5 all day. Trust me, it was warmer in the office fridge. Fun times :) x

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