And, now, the end is near...

The moving van is booked. Stuff is going in boxes. Bags of unwanted clothes are going to charity bins. It's time to leave again.

As you'll all have noted from the long gaps between posts, I've not been around much. Not having internet at home has made blogging difficult. Work is not interesting to write about. Out of work stuff, I won't talk about somewhere Googleable and attached to my own name... Part-time expatting also takes up a lot of time, most of it spent in airports. (I don't really recommend it.) And, in a week or so, I won't even be a part-time expat.

Which means it's probably time to finally wrap up this blog.

I've been escaping packing to wander around one last time with my camera. Some photos follow - there may be a few posts of photos, depending on how inspired I'm feeling, and how long my camera batteries last.

It's been fun, looking back on everything I've written, all the weird and wonderful things I've done. I hope those of you who read it have found it interesting, and maybe useful. (If anyone reading this in the future because they're moving to Nice wants to chat about any of it, send me an email or something.) I might do one more post, a more introspective one, looking at how I've changed and what I've got out of the year or so I've been away. Not for any of you, because few things are probably more boring than other people's introspection, but because it would be a useful thing for me to do before finally leaving and getting stuck back into being a non-expat.

Anyway, photos from today...





















Oh, and last but very much not least, Oscar has an orange! All of his very own! One that's actually orange!


You never know, I might start an English blog. If I do and you want the link, let me know.

Heidemarie  – (18 January 2011 at 14:46)  

Well, rats! I really enjoyed your blog and it provided a welcome opportunity to delay starting my work day. One thing, though . . . you did promise wedding photos . . . I'd love to see at least one!

Melissa  – (24 February 2011 at 19:55)  

Wow Nice looks incredible! I'm trying to wait until April to go so that the weather will be nicer, but your pictures are making it hard!

Jessica Richards  – (12 February 2012 at 09:23)  

Hi, hope it's not too late to comment on the nice photos, I wish to have that experience to live in a breath taking surroundings.

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