I might be back...

*taps mic* *coughs* Hello.

It appears that I might be back in the Cote d'Azur, at least part-time. So I thought I might dust off this blog and say hi to anyone who finds it!

I'm now in Beausoleil, rather than Villefranche, but the sea is still the same, the weather is still gorgeous, and I'm still hoping for a lottery win...

Blog posts will be infrequent and haphazard, but a quick look through the archives will confirm that it's ever been thus - I'm going to be spending quite a lot of time travelling, though, so that should give me time to update blogs and edit pictures and all sorts. I wouldn't hold your breath for new posts, but do check back from time to time, or sign up for the RSS feed or something, if you're interested in my ramblings.

Wonky73  – (6 October 2012 at 17:54)  

Well this just isn't fair. You get to live in the cote de azur twice and I haven't even got there yet. This winter I'll be looking out on snow covered fields while you gaze out on the med. :)
Happy for you. All I want is pictures.

I had forgotten I even had this blog in my google reader :)

Nicole  – (6 October 2012 at 21:46)  

I wondered if anyone still did!

Pictures you shall have - though it's been cloudy for much of this weekend, so I'll have to see if any of them are any good!

(And I'm only here part-time - the rest of the time I'm in Paris, so I'm sure to see my share of snow and crappy weather - don't be too jealous!)

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