Sanremo, Italy for lunch

We went to Sanremo today for lunch - it's a sign of how close borders are in this part of the world that I can go to lunch somewhere, and that requires crossing 3 national borders each way... I've been there before and not a lot has changed - it's still a pleasant little town, with nice weather and the smell of the sea. (Monaco doesn't smell of sea, despite it being just over there - it's kind of weird...)

Anyway, this time we literally went just for lunch, so no photos of the old town (though you can find those in my last Sanremo post). But I do have a couple of photos to share, in case you're interested:



Map in Sanremo bus station:

Houses and a river:
Houses and a river in Sanremo, Italy

Restaurant we didn't eat at, but which was in a very pretty square:
Restaurant in Sanremo, Italy

View of the port from where we did eventually eat lunch:
Port in Sanremo, Italy

The best bit about eating in Italy is the free Limoncello after lunch. (Note: probably not standard, don't rely on getting it, be lucky in your choice of restaurants...)
Free post-lunch Limoncello

Sanremo has a big square just above the bus station. The best thing about it is this frog bin:
Frog bin in Sanremo, Italy

I still want to live here:
House in Sanremo, Italy

(This blogpost is largely in the interests of keeping me busy enough to ignore the child that's been screaming outside for the last few minutes solid. So if it looks a bit pointless, well, yes. You're right. But if you wanted deep insight and philosophical debate, I should tell you I think you might have come to the wrong place in any case...)


I've been in a crappy mood all week, and I probably owe many of my colleagues an apology for making them put up with me, but there is something about views over the Mediterranean and early morning sunshine that makes bad moods melt away. I just need to win the lottery, and then I can run away permanently...

(I tried taking you some photos, Tim, and it didn't quite work - it's too hazy. I'll see if the haze burns off later on!)

ETA: Look - photo! (Does that look like London to you?!)



I might be back...

*taps mic* *coughs* Hello.

It appears that I might be back in the Cote d'Azur, at least part-time. So I thought I might dust off this blog and say hi to anyone who finds it!

I'm now in Beausoleil, rather than Villefranche, but the sea is still the same, the weather is still gorgeous, and I'm still hoping for a lottery win...

Blog posts will be infrequent and haphazard, but a quick look through the archives will confirm that it's ever been thus - I'm going to be spending quite a lot of time travelling, though, so that should give me time to update blogs and edit pictures and all sorts. I wouldn't hold your breath for new posts, but do check back from time to time, or sign up for the RSS feed or something, if you're interested in my ramblings.


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