Today, I walked.

When we woke up, we decided to go for a walk this morning. From Monaco to Villefranche. For lunch. Google tells me this is 16ish kilometres, which is enough to make my legs a little bit sore now, and I may well be unable to move tomorrow.

But the sun was shining, the views are beautiful and once you're actually up at the Moyenne Corniche, the road is mostly flat. (Except the detours to avoid the motorway tunnel just before Eze. That introduces some startling steep hills.)

I'm glad I did it - it's not necessarily a walk I'd do in the middle of summer, but today was just lovely! (Photos might follow, if any of them have turned out well - you get a great view of Eze as you're walking up to it, with all its terraces splaying out down the mountain, but my camera was being a bit weird, so I'm not sure if it came out properly.)

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