Chocolate chip cookies. Don't they look nice?


Heidemarie  – (29 January 2010 at 18:04)  

Cookies? I thought Europeans (and Brits in particular) called them Biscuits! I'm never going to learn the Queen's english, am I?

Also, let me recommend my friend Christina's blog. (Her nom de plume is Porter Grand.) She's a pretty good writer and is coming out with a masher novel soon. (Little Women and Werewolves.)

nicole  – (29 January 2010 at 21:09)  

We do. But the recipe was American. And I'm not sure if cookies are quite the same as biscuits. I think they aren't. I don't know if Americans have biscuits - in the same way that Brits don't really have cookies, unless they're imported.

Little Women and Werewolves? Please tell me that that is what it sounds like - a werewolf remix of Little Women? Because that would be awesome. I shall look at her blog forthwith.

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