Shiny things

Purple People Eater bracelet and earrings:

Purple People Eater - bracelet

Purple People Eater - earrings

Purple People Eater song, in case you ever managed to miss it:

Chainmaille necklace I'm not sure I showed here before:

Copper Euro-4-in-1 Necklace

Joe Hill  – (29 January 2010 at 14:25)  

Do you not find that once you have a few pictures set up, Blogger spends more time saving the blog than in letting you work on it? BTW, I have your stuff from Mum, whom I took to that national monument Luton Airport (immortalised by Lorraine Whatsit in the Martini ads of the 70's) at some despicable time of the morning today. See you at the end of next week.

nicole  – (29 January 2010 at 14:48)  

No, blogger clearly doesn't care if I lose everything, I've never noticed it autosaving obsessively. I'm unloved by Blogger. My world is ending.

Or not.

I'll give you a ring about next week to sort out times and things.

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