Marché nocturne in Nice 2010

I've sent off my application for the marché nocturne for the summer tourist season, in case nothing comes up work-wise before then. If I get accepted, and it works for me (stall fees aren't too high, etc, etc) then it would be a really good thing for me, in terms of professional development - and making money. The night market in Nice is mentioned in all the guide books I've ever seen, and was busy whenever we wandered through over the summer - it runs from 18:30 to 00:30, daily. So that's one of my big questions: do I have to go every day, if they accept my application. We'll see what they say.

Because I know you're all so interested, there's a picture below of the pieces I submitted as part of the application. One of the things this has made me realise I need to do is put together a proper catalogue - it will be useful for approaching shops, too, if I decide to go that route.

Marche nocturne 2010 mosaic

1. Bronze European 4-in-1 Necklace, 2. Japanese 12 in 2 stainless steel and bronze earrings1, 3. Sterling silver and Pearl chainmaille earrings, 4. Lui - Copper byzantine bracelet, 5. Indian Summer - bronze and crystal bracelet, 6. Japanese Bronze - bronze chainmaille bracelet, 7. Thunder - steel chainmaille bracelet, 8. Steel Half Persian 4-in-1 bracelet, 9. Copper Euro-4-in-1 Necklace, 10. Anastasia - silver and green crystal bracelet, 11. European Square - copper chainmaille bracelet, 12. Jessica - copper and sodalite bracelet, 13. Garnet and Carnelian earrings, 14. Goldstone and sterling earrings, 15. Raspberries - garnet and sterling earrings, 16. Azure - Pearl and kyanite earrings, 17. Osiris - turquoise and copper pendant, 18. Isis - lapis lazuli and copper pendant, 19. A Star is Born - ruby and sterling necklace, 20. Desert Winter - desert jasper and snowflake obsidian bracelet

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