Stick men - an international comparison

Today's post is an international comparison of stick people on street signs. An area so far neglected by academic research (I assume - I have to admit I didn't bother checking; if there are actually genuine studies into this that have received funding, I can only say: I see why we now have an economic crisis). It lacks a Monegasque Striding Man, but that will be remedied on my next trip.

We start with Paris:

Stick man in Paris
By the banks of the Seine. A sign that could usefully be posted in every tunnel in France. And most walls. And pretty much anywhere even vaguely sheltered. And parks. And trees.

Next, no diving in Villefranche:
No diving
This is, I think, supposed to be a stick man, from Villefranche sur Mer. But it could be a seal. Or a jaguar. It appears to lack a skeleton, amongst other major organs and body parts.

A rare stick child depiction from Prague:
A rare stick family and stick house
A rare stick life portrait, from Prague, with house and car and stick child playing in the road. They have very small houses in stick-Prague, obviously. And no hands.

Maltese stick man on a boat:
Stick men on a boat in Malta
In Malta, stick men apparently throw coffee mugs off ferry boats, if not told not to.

Italian stick men:
More italian stick men
This stick man appears to have a dislocated shoulder. And no knees, of course.

Man painted on street in Italy
This is how stick men walk in Italy. (Compare, when I get the pic up, with how stick men walk in Monaco.)

Traffic light stick men in Nice:
Traffic man in Nice
Men wearing hats may cross the road now...

Traffic man in Nice
Men wearing hats must stand in the middle of the road. Waiting for cars to drive at them.

Fran –   – (3 January 2013 at 10:04)  

Have you ever seen the No Jiving off the Sea Wall Man sign in Antibes? I think I have a pic of it - Tim and me loved that one :) x

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