Sunday roast lunch in Nice

This Sunday, I was in a plane at lunchtime, so wasn't able to have a proper  Sunday lunch. Oddly, Easyjet doesn't stretch to Sunday roasts... Oh for the glory days of flying with 5 course meals and people to shine your shoes while you sleep. (Yes, I know my shoes are more often than not flipflops, so shoeshining may be ineffective. I don't want to hear you polluting my dreams with your harsh reality. Hush.)

But for those of you not stuck in a metal box, hurtling through the sky, who happen to be looking for a good Sunday roast in Nice, may I point you in the direction of The Snug. It's an Irish bar, which doesn't often bode well in continental Europe, where "Irish pubs" spring up haphazardly, usually bearing no more resemblance to a real pub except that they both may serve beer. But it's one of the good Irish bars, in that it serves real food, and real pints, and has friendly staff. So I recommend it.

Its website calls The Snug "Nice's only gastropub", which sounds likely, particularly after the sad closure of the Australian pub near the port. I've been there once so far, and plan to go back again, though. On a Sunday if I possibly can, because the lunch was divine.

Sunday Roast at The Snug, Nice

I should probably say that The Snug haven't paid me for this blogpost, in money, beer, or food. (Though if you're reading this, guys, and feel inspired...) But there aren't many places I can think of in the South of France that do proper Sunday lunches, so I reckon it's worth highlighting them when I find them!

If you've got other suggestions of places I should visit, do let me know in the comments. I am nothing if not willing to sacrifice for my readers and experiment with Sunday roasts...

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