The good news: we found a flat! It's a 1 bedroom with a garden and a kitchen and a bathtub and a washing machine and it's half an hour away from work, and perfect. It's just had new carpet laid, and it has a new mattress and it's lovely. Except.

The bad news: The flat above us had a leak between me seeing the flat and moving in. And it's screwed up the nice new paint work. And it's run into the bathroom light, making smoke billow from the lights in an alarming fashion. So we switched all the power off and took the lights off the ceiling, so it could all dry properly. And the inside of the light where the wires connected to it is all black and melty. Lovely. Since the ceiling is still wet, I'm thinking it's not entirely safe. Am now reduced to showering by torchlight, which isn't as easy as you'd think. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, by a real electrician, if I'm really lucky. At least the wires are taped up so it's now safe to shower. I hope. (If you never hear from me again, it wasn't safe to shower, and you should all learn a lesson from this. I'll leave it to you to decide what lesson - I personally favour "Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!" but you can pick your own. And if you know where that quote comes from without looking it up, you get a gold star.)

Photos of the new place will follow at some point when I have a proper internet connection. I'm currently sitting in the garden which is the only place that gets 3G internet, so the dongle works out here. It's bloody cold though, so updates will be strictly limited until inside internet is installed... My UK phone number works, for those of you who have it - if you don't, and think you should, email me. (And if you don't have my email address, you shouldn't have my phone number, so that solves that.)

fairyhedgehog  – (10 October 2010 at 19:47)  

How awful to have a flood happen just before you move in like that! Can you claim on your insurance, or what happens about that?

I hope you showered safely and unelectrocuted.

Tim  – (11 October 2010 at 01:16)  

Because I know something you don't know.
And what is that?
I am not left handed.

Nicole  – (16 October 2010 at 17:17)  

*gives Tim a gold star*

I'm going to have to put that film on the top of my "Bring back from France" list for Paul. It's a perfect Sunday afternoon film, I reckon.

Nicole  – (16 October 2010 at 17:18)  

Oh, and fairyhedgehog (awesome name!) - I'm just a tenant, so it's not my problem who fixes it, someone else is paying for it all. I suspect ultimately it's the people upstairs who will claim on their insurance. But it's not me, which is the important bit!

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