In England...

Everyone speaks English. It's really disconcerting. You know when you live somewhere else, and you only rarely hear English spoken, so you tend to pay attention automatically when you hear someone talking English, even if it's a complete stranger on the train taking about really boring shit?

Well, here, that's everyone. And my brain is still reacting to everyone as if they were the first people it has heard talking English in months. Every time. It's a little tiring...

(Work went well, though my role's still a bit lacking in definition. That should sort itself out soon though, and everyone's been really nice and welcoming. In some ways, it's like I never left, which is simultaneously a good thing and a bad thing. We'll see how things go from here...)

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Nicole, funny it's just the perspective re: language. Dad here has lived here England all life and I hear anything but English on commute, East European most, some Fren ch, German, Gujerati/Hindu whatever (all Irish to me?) - :) have fun, you'll soon find this a foreign country like any other . Thank u all again so much for Villefranche fun wedding, and being you with a good family/ friends Love Dad,

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