Further thoughts on commuting...

Much nicer when you have a seat! I had to stand all the way in today; not happy feet.

Going to look at a flat now - keep your fingers crossed for me; I think I actually want to live here! (Well, in as much as I want to live anywhere that isn't in Villefranche...)

Tim  – (6 October 2010 at 23:08)  

Tim(from the States) when you really miss VilleFranche you can do what I do and look at this webcam http://vsm.shinshu-a.com/
Do it during the day though when you can see something.

Nicole  – (7 October 2010 at 09:01)  

Time, you're awesome - thank you! I can see my house!

And I know you're from the states, it's just Fran that gets confused - don't mind her, she's northern, she can't help it ;-)

Fran –   – (7 October 2010 at 13:26)  

Oi! I might be Northern, but that has nothing to do with me being confused! I do that all by myself, I'm sure I should have been a blonde :) x

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