Blue, wet, salty - I live by the sea

The sea is warm. And it has fish in it! (To everyone in Nice, and perhaps everyone reading this, this is probably like pointing out that water is wet. For someone who's just moved from Brighton, where neither warmth nor living sea creatures are at all a given, it's amazing!)

I have a new, purple hat, too, but the photos are upstairs, so you'll have to wait to see it. And I took some photos which might turn out well of Nice's old town this evening (while waiting - and waiting, and waiting... - for dinner. Crap service, nice scenery - almost balanced. But not quite.) But the colours were spectacular - not sure they'll come through properly on the photos...

Tomorrow we should (assuming it's been built) get the keys to our flat. Hopefully. Though that our landlady hasn't rung us to confirm is slightly concerning. We're also getting a bank account tomorrow afternoon, assuming the bank like us enough to allow us to pay them for the privilege.

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