Note to self - farmers finding true wuv

Just a quick note to me to remember to write about L'amour est dans le pré which is the best TV I have seen in ages. Farmers and urban people are paired up (I missed the first - few? - episode, but they had it down to 2 possibles last night - and some of them found true love. Awwwwwww.) Features a farmer called Norbert, an introverted Basque farmer who doesn't say much, and a woman who stabs cows with a pitchfork to get them to move. As if this wasn't good enough, next week (and of course I will watch!) the farmers are going to the town. Where, if they are halfway sane (dubious, at best) they will realise that looking after geese and cows is not the be-all-and-end-all of life.

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