Today was a good day right from the start, waking up to bright sunshine, American pancakes (this recipe is good, if you're looking) and plenty of coffee.

After (a late) breakfast, we went back to Antibes - last time, we got as far as lunch, and then went home, scared of the tourist's influx, as the Chemin de Fer de Provence would have it.

Today, the tourists are much less influxing, although the place is still packed with English people. It's beautiful here today (many photos to follow...) and everyone was outside enjoying the sun. Which meant after going weeks at a time without hearing an English person other than us, I don't think I heard a single French person speaking in Antibes. Almost a culture shock!

Anyway, some photos of Antibes, and the gorgeous blue of the Mediterranean...

First glimpse of the sea from Antibes old town:

Street in Antibes old town:

I don't speak Corsican (I am assuming this is Corsican) but I think this sign says "Napoleon never slept here". Which is worth noting.

Photos of the sea:

A pretty doorway (one suspects they don't get many tramps round here...)

Church tower - and beautiful blue sky!

Antibes might have some of the best bar names:

At least these people are honest!

"And the prize for Drunkest Bus Decorating 1968 goes to...":

Lastly, small fountains near us in Nice:

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