Bureaucracy - the easy bit!

Today has been a day of dealing with bureaucracy. Fortunately, it's been the English half, so it's at least been easy to communicate. I've got a form for the Student Loans Company, telling them I've moved and run away, so they should stop expecting any money from me. I've rung the very helpful Overseas Health Team at DWP in Newcastle and requested an E106, which means I can get healthcare in France as if I were French. (Wonderfully helpful, thank you DWP people who will never read this! Unless you're googling yourselves, in which case, hi!) I need to not get ill until that gets here, though, because I'm not actually sure I'm technically covered by anyone at the moment... Assuming work send me my last payslip, and I can find a fax machine, I should then be able - French bureaucracy permitting - to get healthcare up until the end of 2011. By which time, I really need to have found a job!

Tired now, going for a nap. It's exhausting, all this phoning people.

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