It's still beach weather here

I knew you'd be pleased for me! We went to Villefranche yesterday and had a picnic (well, ok, sandwiches) by the port. Idyllic setting, marred only by the small boy who was fishing next to us. Which wouldn't have been a problem, except he caught something. And then left it to die, gasping in the air. Gross. So we left and went for a walk. A long walk, as it turned out - all along the coast, past all the very, very rich people's houses, to St Jean Cap Ferrat. You might need to zoom out on the below google map, but it should show you where we walked. It's pretty!

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Since it's probably raining in the UK, I thought I'd give you some sunny pictures and pictures of flowers and plants from the walk, to help you sympathise with how hard it is to be me... ;-)

Also, some other photos from the weekend.

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