This post will be heavy on pictures. You may wish to skip it and come back another day when there is more actual writing. You may be pleased I'm shutting up for once, and enjoy the pictures. Either way, the pictures from our climb up a baby Alp follow...

Entrevaux is a small medieval village set in the beginning bit of the Alps in between (as the name suggests) two river valleys. There's a medieval citadel at the top. A long way at the top. Of a mountain. A steep mountain. We climbed it anyway this morning, and though it nearly killed me, I'm pleased to say we made it all the way up to the top. And back down again. Without me falling over even once!

Citadel. On top of a very steep hill:

Bridge into the medieval village:

Entrance to the medieval part of Entrevaux:

View through a doorway on the path up to the citadel:

Postcard-pretty restaurant:

View over Entrevaux through a window in the wall on the pathway up:

Statue carved into the cliff on the way up:

View through the prison cell bars. If you've got to be in prison, there are probably worse views:

View from the top:

Someone who got to the top first:

You'd have to be a really thirsty dog...

We do get autumn here, look, dying leaves:

An odd place for a grave, at the top of this citadel. No markings to indicate whose it is.

Back down the bottom of the hill, a mad but pretty statue:

In Entrevaux village:

More Entrevaux village:

And more Entrevaux:

Pretty house just by the bridge into Entrevaux. I want shutters that colour.

More autumn:

Lastly, one of my favourite translations ever. Why would anyone ever need a professional translator?

ingermaaike  – (28 September 2009 at 08:06)  

What stunning views! I can almost smell the dusty silence..

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