More rain!

It's... raining! It been nearly 2 hours now! And almost cold! I might have to actually find some jeans from whatever bag in the mezzanine we put our winter clothes...

(I know, you all sympathise deeply, I can hear your sobs of grief even from here.)

Paul's parents are over at the moment, hence the comparative silence from me. I've been making some bits and pieces, and being domestic - I can't count the number of plates and glasses I've washed up! I need to chase the people who have my CV and see if they want to hire me or not. I'm thinking not, if I haven't heard anything so far, but they might have other opportunities going; it will be more interesting than washing up!

Couple of photos of new stuff, since I don't have anything particularly interesting to write about (I thought I noticed you noticing that!)

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