Cannes for breakfast

OK, so it wasn't raining when we left the house to get breakfast. We decided to go to Cannes, since we hadn't been there, and have breakfast. As one does. The further east (I think east - Cannes is east of Nice, no?) we got, the darker the sky got. By the time we got to Cannes, it was pissing it down. But, I did find a shop selling umbrellas, and we had breakfast. Walked around a little bit - with umbrellas, the rain is much easier to deal with! - and then went home again. When we got back to Nice, the rain started again, but not particularly heavily... Due to be on-and-off-again rain and storms for the rest of the weekend, sadly. But by Tuesday, the sunshine is supposed to be back. If I were in the UK, it would be rainy from now until about May. So that's not so bad...

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