Officially unemployed!

OK, so, dissertation completed and handed in yesterday. Back in France where it hasn't rained, but looked like it might this morning - it's cool enough to wear jeans without dying now though, summer must be over!

Moving into a bigger flat in the same house this afternoon, which will be nice. An actual bedroom and everything. Awesome.

Photos today are from sunset on the plane last night. On the way over on Monday we had stunning views of the Alps, but my camera was in the overhead compartment, so couldn't get to it. Sunset last night was almost as pretty, though the pics aren't great...

Now I'm properly unemployed, and don't need to worry about any essay deadlines ever again, I'm going to get started on making some more chainmaille pieces, something nice and simple and easy. Or, at least, once we've moved over into the new flat. And unpacked again. It may be a while...

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