Italy for lunch

Bringing the total of countries I've been to just to have lunch up to three (the others being, of course, Luxembourg and Monaco), our weekend trip to Italy almost managed to make Ventimiglia look pretty. I will go back for the Friday market, one day, maybe in the Spring...

Fran came over on Friday night, bringing with her presents from England - proper teabags, bacon, Cadbury's buttons, chocolate digestives (perfect for accompanying a book-writing-month, I feel!) and a whole host of other fabulousness! As well as a copy of the Daily Mail, which didn't fail to disappoint, in its description of Stalinist school policies... On Saturday, we decided to go to Italy for lunch, Monaco for afternoon drinks and then back through Villfranche. (We skipped Villefranche in the end because the rain followed Fran from Manchester. She's not invited anymore, if she's going to bring rain with her.) Monaco was gain hosting an International Championship of something - go-karts, this weekend:

Bloody noisy. Boring. It's safe to say I am not a fan.

Photos from Italy, then:

Ventimiglia old town:

T Hanbury - about which, more another day, he fascinates me!

Padlock Art:

Bike. Could have used some of the padlocks from the padlock art.

Sunshine and the sea:



Unknown bird! - seagull?

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