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I'm in the middle of sorting through pictures from the weekend - Paul's sister came over (Hi Claire!) and we did touristy things. The weather is still lovely, so we might go somewhere new and exciting this week. Or not.

I've finally got around to taking some photos of new pieces of jewellery I've done - you're the very first people to see them, don't you feel special? The turquoise piece is a companion piece to Isis, a lapis pendant that sold the other week, the carnelian bracelet is as far as I'm going with anything remotely related to Halloween colours, and the last piece, the sardonyx and pearl pendant is so pretentious, I'm not sure even I can bear it - it's a pendant inspired by a religion I've created in my head for the book I'm still planning to write next month. Religion doesn't even play a huge part in the book. The listing of that one may have to wait for a bit, til I work out whether it plays a role in the story...

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