TAD - Day 21: argentium sterling silver and sardonyx earrings

Shameless copying of Friday's earrings, but in silver this time. My argentium wire finally turned up, so I thought I'd make use of it! Sadly lacking in ideas after this weekend, which turned out longer than I was expecting - they overbooked our flight back home yesterday evening, and since we weren't bothered about an extra night in the UK, we volunteered to move to a flight this morning; the girls who were otherwise not going to be able to fly were crying and looked like they needed to get to France much more than we did!

It was actually a fairly good night - there were four of us volunteers, the airline put us up in a hotel and gave us some money for dinner, and supposedly are giving us £100 each compensation for being nice, which is useful - I'll believe it when I see it...

Anyway, earrings:

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