Today. Bleh.

Today has been a long day of running around achieving nothing.

The ultrasound I had earlier didn't find anything, so it's anyone's guess as to what's wrong with me. My throat's still sore, and the antibiotics, which normally kill anything for me in a matter of hours, don't seem to have helped much. I'm still randomly freezing to death, regardless of whether the heating is on or not - temperatures of 34 degrees are not normal, self, sort it the fuck out.

The securite sociale people can't help me - I just have to wait for my paperwork to go through the system before I can get my healthcare money back. In the meantime, I have no alternative but to pay up front and claim it back at the end, when/if I get a number. At some point in the next 3 months, it ought to come through, apparently. Clockwork, it isn't.

Let's hope I don't need a hospital visit before then, or anything...

I'm tired and I'm broke and I'm fed up of stupid bureaucratic systems that do nothing but get in the way. And I'm more tolerant of bureaucracy than most, all things considered, so they really are cocking things up. Hate them.

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