TAD - Day 4: Copper and sodalite earrings

You'll see a lot of earrings over the next month, I suspect, given the half an hour guidelines TAD have suggested for each piece. Some days I'll go over that, I'm sure, but not today!

Today's Thing is a pair of copper and sodalite wire-wrapped earrings, on handmade ear wires.

Copper and sodalite earrings

Heidemarie  – (4 February 2010 at 14:34)  

Hey Nicole! You're getting better and better at the jewelry making. And when you have your booth at Nocturne Marche and make zillions of dollars; remember that Sandy and I get a cut! (hee hee) For what it's worth, this Yank is quite impressed! Oh, and feel better soon!

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