Earthquake Action Plan

My village is holding an Earthquake Action Plan Meeting later this week, so we can all update our emergency plans for what we will do in case of an earthquake.

Anyone know when there was last an earthquake round this neck of the woods?

Some googling produced this excellent article, which tells me that there was one in 1887. I think my favourite bit of that article might be the last paragraph:

Many refugees fled to Monte Carlo. Although it was actually closer to the epicenter, Monte Carlo is located on solid bedrock that is less vulnerable to earthquakes. In recognition of the tragedy, gambling was suspended in Monte Carlo for several days.

Though a close contender is:

The Prince of Wales was in Cannes at the time and the British royal family urged him to immediately evacuate. This was made difficult by the thousands of people fleeing the area by train-- many of them wearing only the pajamas they had been sleeping in

Anyway, Prince of Wales facing hordes of pyjama'd citizens aside, this is hardly an annual occurrence, is it? Do we really, really all need Earthquake Action Plans? (I figure our action plan is: "Don't die." - this might be easier said than done, given that our house apparently doesn't have any foundations, built as it is on a sheer cliff face. Oh well...)

PigletinFrance  – (31 August 2010 at 16:28)  

oohhhh, I went for a siesta and when I woke up there was this post, Wednesday 1st September! I must have slept a whole day :) Pretty scary to think that we'll be in September tomorrow anyway, where has 2010 gone?

My OH lived in Cagnes Sur Mer for a number of years and he told me that they used to have frequent plans for earthquakes too... apparently they're expecting a big one one day but who knows when! Just like we're expecting one of the chemical plants in Lyon to explode and to wipe us all out :(

Nicole  – (31 August 2010 at 16:47)  

This is what happens when you click "post", then realise you didn't set the scheduling and try to do it and hope no-one notices... :P

But yes, It's a little scary to think it's already nearly September. I don't know where the summer went!

AustrianSchatz  – (31 August 2010 at 19:09)  

People laugh when our agency tries to sell earthquake insurance in Ohio. But, while the "BIG" one will eventually toss California into the Pacific, we have earthquakes that can cause significant damage. The last one was about a month ago -- first one I felt here -- and caused nearly $25,000 worth of damage to our building.

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