Posting likely to be sketchy...

As if you hadn't already noticed that... I'm moving back to the UK soon, so the next few days are likely to be busy with packing, planning, flat-hunting and preparing for a new job.

In addition, our bathroom is being gutted and retiled to fix a sealing problem - apparently they didn't do it right the first time. So, house will be filled with builders, dust and tiles. In addition to me trying to pack around them.

Posting is likely, therefore, to be intermittent at best.

Though we all know my dedication to packing and things related, so you may see me here much more often as I procrastinate heavily. But I think if I spend too much time looking at this blog and all the amazing things I've seen and done while I've been here, I might just cry at the thought of leaving - I'm not exactly looking forward to the move as it is...

Tim  – (26 September 2010 at 18:48)  

Tim from the States(just to clarify) also wonky73 on twitter so we've talked. Obviously, I am only concerned on how your Exile to London (did you see how a cleverly got your book title into my comment) will effect me. Where will I go for inspirational photos? Who will keep me motivated to for my move to Nice? You'll be missed.
But just think. After my move you can be reading my blog for inspiration and beautiful photos :) I can return the favor.

Nicole  – (26 September 2010 at 19:08)  

Ah, I'll still be back here at weekends, so it's not a total abandonment of Nice just yet. It's just going to be part-time for a while...

(Unless I win the lottery!)

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