I'm making brownies! Well, attempting to, anyway.

This is made marginally more difficult by not being able to use flour. Or, really, butter. (Though I've ignored that particular prohibition, and these particular brownies could have dealt with the EU Butter Mountain all on their own. Which is good, since it's apparently coming back.)


Brownies - the mixing bowl

Brownies - before

I'm using a gluten-free flour replacement from a company called Orgran - try your healthfood shop, and see if they have it or something similar, if gluten/wheat is an issue for you. I've found it works very much like normal wheat flour and tastes more or less similar - it's a bit chalkier, but it's the best of the alternatives I've tried so far.

If you're in France, Gerblé make an excellent range of gluten free products (which my local Carrefour seems to have the best supply of) including a whole load of cake mixes, pastas, cookies, you name it. Carrefour itself actually has a good range of gluten free products, too, surprisingly. I'm going to try Gerblé's cake mix next time, if this one doesn't work...


Brownies - after

Brownies - after

It smells fantastic. How likely am I to burn my mouth if I start eating now?

ETA: Answer: not very. It's more cake than brownie. But it's still fantastic.

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