Married me: Day 1

The day itself went amazingly, and a write-up (to remind myself, at least) and wedding pics will probably follow as we gather them together - if you took any, please do email me with them/a link to them - but I wanted to show you all the amazing job my mum and Vix did of decorating our hotel room, keeping it a secret all the time. It was incredible, breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you both - and anyone else who helped that I don't know about - you rock; I nearly cried! And a special thank you, too, to the hotel (who probably won't read this, but still...) for giving us the hotel room for free for the night, to say congratulations on our wedding. That was so kind, and we are really grateful!




Anonymous –   – (19 September 2010 at 18:05)  

What a lovely job your Mum did, the room looks beautiful and very romantic!! and a great gesture on the hotel's part. So glad you had a lovely day/evening.


Heidemarie  – (20 September 2010 at 14:50)  

Wishing you continued happiness as you "officially" start married life. (Ah crap, weddings always make me cry . . . and the tears are welling up. Sure hope my boss doesn't walk into my office now!)

Eva  – (21 September 2010 at 20:23)  

Nicole, that looked wonderful! Congratulations and it sounds like the day may have exceeded your expectations.

Now I have to show these pictures to BF as a *hint*...

Ulla –   – (22 September 2010 at 09:01)  

this is soooooooo romantic!
a wonderful omen for the
life to come

Kathrin  – (22 September 2010 at 19:10)  

Congratulations! Wishing the two of you all the best for your journey together as husband and wife! I have to agree, what a lovely idea to make the room look that romantic!
I am a silent reader for a while. Can't remember how I found your blog. I enjoy the pictures of the surroundings where you live, very much. I am a German, now living in the US, who is crazy homesick for Europe. I vacationed in Menton a long time ago. Nice holds a special place in my heart, since my First Love was from Nice.

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