The resurrection of our bathroom

We've had the builder round this week - finally, an end to the prohibition on showers is in sight!

I've got a series of photos to add to this post at some point when I get them uploaded, but until then, I just wanted to reassure you all that I'm not dead, though I'm deeply annoyed about being stuck inside during the last few days of summer, making sure that some builder doesn't nick my stuff.

Still, tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and so I shall spend the morning on the beach, ignoring the increasingly urgent packing that needs doing. If I forget something, Paul can always bring it over next week, right? As long as I have my passport, my bank card and my toothbrush, I'm set! Easy!

I woke up to a couple of sales this morning, too, which was exciting. I sent the two pairs of earrings below off to their new home this morning - I hope their new owner likes them!

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