In which St Jean Cap Ferrat incurs the wrath of the gods

There's been a *huge* thunder and lightning storm here, it's been rather pretty. St Jean Cap Ferrat clearly hasn't been keeping up with its ritual virgin sacrifices: it got hit by lightning 3 times in the space of half an hour, twice slamming into poor inoffensive trees and exploding them into flames. Monaco looks like it's being hammered now.

The pretty bit is gone from here now, no more thunder rattles the windows and only occasional flashes light up the sky; even the driving rain has died off, leaving just the whistling gusts of wind. One of the exploded trees is still burning slightly.

I like storms, when I can stay inside in the warm and watch them.

ETA: It's sunny now, and hot. There follows a probably very boring video of lightning - though it doesn't have the trees exploding, since I wasn't awake enough to grab my camera at that point...

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