The barter system is alive and well on the internet....

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Nicole from Ultimate Organic Soaps contacted me recently to ask if I would be interested in a trade, swapping some of her handmade French milled organic soap for my jewellery. I was, since I've long been interested in handmade soap - and today my package arrived from Norway.



It smells just wonderful, and my new soaps are:

Winter Spice soap:
100_5740 100_5743 100_5744

Poppy Seed and Orange Zest soap:
100_5742 100_5754 100_5755

Nutmeg and Sandalwood soap:
100_5741 100_5750 100_5752

Honey and Oatmeal soap
100_5737 100_5748 100_5746

Nicole very kindly included a couple of bars she hasn't yet listed in her Etsy shop, with strict instructions to leave them alone for a couple of weeks. So I also have Lemon Lime and Coconut soap:

And Green Tea and Mint soap:

I can't share photos of the inside of these just yet, though, since they're still finishing setting.

Thank you so much Nicole - I hope you're as happy with your side of the swap! I'm thrilled!

If you make things that you'd be interested in trading for my jewellery, please do get in touch. I'm not always going to say yes - and sometimes I just need the money, regardless of how much I love your products - but I'll always consider offers!

Nicole's Etsy shop is at Ultimate Organic Soap on Etsy and she also has a blog.

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