I'm quite sad that I'm not in the UK to vote today - I didn't register for a postal vote in time, and even if I had, it probably wouldn't have got there in time, given that the ballots are only posted out 11 days before the election, and need to be back by 10pm on polling day. French post just isn't that good - nor are many other countries, in which British expats are effectively disenfranchised, even if they are still entitled to the vote, which expires for us unlike citizens of other countries.

However, that means I'm looking at today purely as an observer - and from an outside point of view, it's brilliant. The Sun particularly excels itself today, with this front cover:

(Image via http://www.politicshome.com/ Any butchering of the resizing is mine, with apologies...)

And Page 3 girls are clearly a lot more intelligent than I ever expected. In this fabulous story (naked breasts galore, best not to click on it at work, unless you have a very open minded IT policy...) we find that:
Poppy said: "The basis of Lockean thought is his theory of the Contract of Government, under which all political power is a trust for the benefit of the people.

"His thinking underpins our ideas of national identity and society. Please don't let those who seek to ban our beauty win. Vote to save Page 3!"

Who knew Page 3 girls were all about Lockean thought and Contract of Government?

PigletinFrance  – (6 May 2010 at 10:48)  

Hi Nicole, I'm not voting this year either and I really regret it. I was filling out the long form to send back and it took me ages and then other events took over. I feel slightly less guilty now though as you're absolutely right about the postal delays. The post I'm receiving from the UK at the moment is taking about 2 weeks to get here! I bet they set the system up this way deliberately so that overseas voters thought they could vote but in reality its just not possible...

Nicole  – (6 May 2010 at 11:16)  

I suspect, in fact, that they just didn't think about overseas voters when they were thinking about postal votes and deadlines. Which is a little shortsighted, perhaps. But there you go - maybe they'll change it in the next round of electoral reform.

Nicole  – (6 May 2010 at 11:17)  

The bit I liked best on that form was the requirement to get another British citizen, who isn't related to you, to countersign the form - as if someone who isn't a British citizen couldn't possibly check you against your passport and attest that they match.

What would they like people in very remote foreign places to do? (Ignoring the post issue, since those people would deifnitely be screwed by the 11 day turnaround time.)

PigletinFrance  – (7 May 2010 at 09:29)  

I know! I am sure it is a conspiracy to stop us voting, I'm absolutely convinced.

Its okay if you're part of Brit community but I don't know any other Brits here in Lyon, not really so its just plain stupid.

Maybe by the time of the next election they'll have got their act together?

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