I did it!

When I started the Couch to 5k programme back at the beginning of March, I couldn't run for a full minute - and wouldn't have wanted to, in any case.

Today, I ran for 30 minutes, continuously, and not only didn't die, I actually quite enjoyed it. This may indicate serious mental health issues, but physically, I'm obviously much improved!

Running for 30 minutes is the goal of the programme, and this is the last week - apparently I can now run 5km, should I so wish. I have my doubts, since Paul pointed out that this was only true if I consistently ran at 10km/hour - this is unlikely, to say the least. But now I know I can run for 30 minutes, the aim will be to run further in those 30 minutes, and see how far I can get, until I can really run for 5km. And, having said that, Google Maps tells me I'm already doing about 4.5km, so that's pretty close, I reckon!

I'm almost looking forward to it, or will do, once the weather is reliably sunny again. (At the moment, it's mostly sunny, but there are occasional rainy bits. Soon it will be sunny all the time! I can't wait!)

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