I have had better ideas

Note to self: going for a run in the rain sounds like a perfectly sensible thing to do - otherwise no one would ever get anything done in the UK, after all - but it isn't. Really. Not. My sweater was soaked within 5 minutes, my feet and shoes were soaked within ten. After 20 minutes of wiping driving rain out of my eyes, I decided to give up and go home. Of course, there were no buses, so I had to walk.

By the time I got back, the rain had nearly stopped, naturally. There's a lesson in there somewhere...

The storm yesterday was worse than I thought - I walked past 2 boat motor thingys and tons of pieces of broken boat.


This restaurant is not as waterproof as they had probably hoped - they were sweeping out litres of water when I walked past. I think we might wait for them to dry out before considering going there for dinner...

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