Eurovision 2010

Eurovision was great, even without alcohol. (Trust me, no one was as surprised as I was to find this to be true!) Moldova, as usual, were the entry par excellence, with elves and a neon blue violin, and space aliens. The (Armenian?) song about an apricot stone, complete with giant apricot stone in the background, was awesome too. Much better than the German song that won about painting toenails. I mean, really. Not only was the girl functionally incapable of communicating, she also sang a terrible song about toenails. Europe, you should be ashamed of yourself.

And I was thrilled to see poor, neglected Belarus leap ahead of the UK's appalling entry. If you take that show and imagine it as the setting to a Bond song, though, it was passable. The public school boy who sang it would have to be Bond, and pull out a gun and shoot someone at the end (the German girl, if at all possible...) - it so nearly works.

The one I did like for actual musical talent - and leather trousers - was the Romanian entry. I think it was them, anyway; with the see-through double piano. And the fire.

I'd link to all these things on YouTube, but that's effort. So I won't do it yet. Maybe in slow, stealthy edits, I'll add in links and see if anyone notices...

What, oh captive audience, were your favourites? (Americans, you can play too - go to and I suspect you'll be able to watch the entire mess. If you pick a crap choice, though, I might excommunicate you. Or whatever the blog equivalent is.)

Sandy –   – (1 June 2010 at 14:26)  

I avoid this like I would the plague, it's embarrassingly awful, no matter which country you are from!!!

Nicole  – (1 June 2010 at 18:11)  

Bah, Australians. No sense of style... :P

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