Sunshine and bank holiday weekends

Sun and bank holidays have combined forces and ensured that I've been utterly incapable of posting anything here. Having friends over has meant we had to tidy - our house is spotless, and I've even mopped. Me, with a mop. I can hardly believe it myself.

My experiments into wheat-free cooking continue - I'm trying to make bread out of chickpea flour today.

The dough:


The dough sitting in the warm sun to raise:

I have my doubts, but we shall see what happens - it might work... I shall be sure to take photos of the finished product for you.

While we're looking at photos, this is the best view in the world. It's from the bar I drink coffee at in the afternoons.


You can also have some pretty pictures of flowers - the roses are out in bloom here, and I liked what Beaulieu have done with their roses around the big trees in the park. (We walk through it to go to the supermarket sometimes.)






And one of the large red flowers that grows in the street between here and the bakery:

(All photos taken with my mobile phone, so apologies for any quality issues...)

Fran –   – (26 May 2010 at 22:27)  

Ah but Nicole, on the subject of mops, do you know the French word for a mop???

When I was working in Lourdes and was in desperate need of one thanks to some not so helpful god botherer, having just come down from Paris and told everyone a day earlier about my lovely new mop for the balcony, I realised I didn't have the first clue what the hell the word for mop is. Everyone asked how I managed to buy one, not realising that you don't need any language degree to pick one up from the cleaning section in Leclercs and pay for it at the till! Many strange looks followed. They thought I was strange beforehand anyway, think this incident just added to it....

Nicole  – (27 May 2010 at 09:18)  

Um. No. Now that you mention it, no idea. I, too, would just pick one up from the supermarket. (Except that this one came with the flat. This flat has everything.)

What is the French word for mop?

Fran –   – (27 May 2010 at 14:38)  

I think it was 'une serpillière' but I wouldn't take that as correct, there is a fair chance that I'm making that up or confusing it with something totally different! I do know, however, that the word for a fly-swat is 'une tapette' You know that will come in useful now I've told you haha :o) xx

Nicole  – (27 May 2010 at 17:26)  

It would, except I can't swat flies. They leave fly bits. Just no. Spiders on the other hand, I could. And a fly swat might be useful for that.

Sandy –   – (1 June 2010 at 14:21)  

The red flowers are Hibiscus, if you're interested! They are very pretty but sadly have no scent

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