August Exile: A day in the life.

The problem with running out of scheduled posts is that you then have to find something to say... So, given my total lack of inspiration and inability to upload photos as yet, I'll tell you my new Exile Routine. (This will all go to shit over the next month, obviously.)

I wake up when Paul goes to work, which is ridiculously early. This is principally because he can't close the door to the flat without a key, which he can't take with him because I have the only one. So, unless I want to leave the door wide open for all and sundry, I have to get out of bed.

Since I'm up, I fold up the bed (we're sleeping on The Most Uncomfortable Sofa Bed In The World. I'm daily surprised to wake up without bruises.) and consider getting dressed, since at that time of the morning, there's no sun on the terrace, and it's cold. The folded up bed prevents me from just going back to sleep, and I can usually get it done before my brain realises what's happening and complains.

The lack of coffee machine in this flat means I've had to resort to tea. So, the next thing I do, after brushing my teeth and showering, is make a cup of tea and breakfast. This week, breakfast is soy yogurt and strawberry jam. I eat this on the terrace, while wondering when the sun is going to burn off the cloud that inexplicably seems to be present. Every morning.

Then I turn on my computer and finish packaging up the orders that have built up while I was away - those are almost all done now, so that bit of the morning will come to a sad end, unless orders continue to happen through August. It's been a good month so far! Once those are packaged, addressed and customs labels applied, I go to the post office. The one near the August Exile Flat has useless staff, but several machines, which is probably better. You don't have to argue with the machine to get it to charge you the right amount.

After that, I go back home. By this time, the sun has come out, and it's starting to get nice and warm. I sit back on the terrace and write more on my second story (I'm calling it Emperor's Assassin, as a working title. It's great fun.) until it's lunchtime. Lunch is usually left overs from the night before, or salad, oatcakes and homemade hummus. (For guesswork without a recipe, it's not bad - a bit too much lemon juice, but perfectly palatable.)

Then I come here to the library to do useful things, and write to my adoring fans. (That would be you lot. Act more adoring.) It's airconditioned here, and has internet. There are many worse places to spend August summer afternoons round here. At about 3:30, 4ish I leave to go back home - the sun is full on the terrace by then, and by the time I get home, it's late enough to lie in it and read for a couple of hours before Paul gets home.

We usually go out for a drink after that - the flat really isn't big enough for two people for long periods of time, even with the huge terrace - and come back for dinner, which is obviously eaten on the terrace. We're vaguely considering sleeping in shifts, on The Bed From Hell - when there's only one person in it, it's much more comfortable. (Though admittedly, this is a relative concept - it's never what you would normally call comfortable.) Any less radical suggestions would be welcome...

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