Paris: Tuesday

[NB: All these posts were written on the train on the way back. I'm spacing out the posting to keep you all suitably entertained without overwhelming you with my brilliant prose, and so that Google likes my blog again.]

Tuesday is another short writing bit, but will have lots of pretty pictures. Don’t we all like pretty pictures? (Of course, at the point you’re reading this, you’ll probably have to imagine them, which might be hard if you’ve never been to Sceaux. Tant pis.)

We went out of Paris again today, albeit not by much, to one of the towns on the outskirts of Paris where Paul and I lived in our first flat together. Fontenay hasn’t changed much at all. We also visited the Parc de Sceaux with its chateau. Sceaux is where our feudal lord would have lived back when France had an aristocracy, I like to think. (Actually, I like to think I would have been part of said aristocracy; the alternative wasn’t so hot, after all. So it would have been my house. And my gardens.) Now I think they’re owned by the state – the gardens alone would cost a fortune for a private family to maintain. Anyway, photos of the fountains and canals and well-laid out gardens and flowers and all to follow shortly. Or in September when I get my proper internet back.

Fran –   – (9 August 2010 at 21:27)  

Was it Sceaux that we went to on my 21st?x

Nicole  – (10 August 2010 at 13:51)  

Yes, I think it was. Now I feel old.

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