Open air cinema, part II

This version of the open air cinema was better than the first, being considerably warmer. (Though still not exactly hot, like I was expecting. Typical that what's likely to be my last summer here is going to be practically British.) The kind people in the mairie of Nice, as I understand it, have arranged for films to be played every couple of weeks in July and August in the gardens near the seafront.

(My apologies, belatedly, to anyone staying in the Hotel Westminster. I know from experience how deeply irritating noise in those particular gardens is. And ABBA sung loudly by French people can't have been fun.)

Last night was the last one, and they played Mamma Mia! - the ABBA musical. I had actually seen the stage show, though never the film version; I think they actually converted it quite well. Though Pierce Brosnan probably shouldn't look to launch a singing career any time soon. And it's a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Monday night, watching films in the park - I'm a new fan. Particularly if they're musicals. (Hush, those of you in the back whispering about my flagrant lack of taste. You must be new.)

Anyway, thus endeth the second update for the day. Such riches. (This is my vague effort to avoid forgetting things during The August Exile.)

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