Weekend round-up

Weekends are, it appears, unlikely to get blog updates. I'm sure this tears at your hearts with the pain of a thousand dying stars, but I expect you'll learn to cope somehow.

There, that didn't take long, did it?

Friday, I may or may not have written here- I think that might have been my day of stating the fucking obvious, where I told you how buses work. See what happens when you start to run out of inspiration? (In my defence, the sheer number of totally bewildered tourists I see daily leads me to suspect that either it's not as easy as it looks, or we get all the stupid people. I doubt it's the latter, though I'm open to persuasion.)

We went for drinks with friends in the evening on the terrace, ate dinner and watched the sun set and that was Friday.

Saturday, it rained. It's been raining a lot this week - at all is a lot, if you ask me. It's August for crying out loud. I wrote a couple of thousand words on my new story, having woken up early again, and then we went to Antibes, because Nice is depressing in the rain. Antibes is better, though trying to find a bus stop in the rain where there are lots of busy roads all intersecting each other is not recommended. If you have an umbrella, it might be bearable, I suppose... The rain got heavier, and trying to get from the bus station to our house was just nasty. I boycotted the rest of the day.

Sunday was much better. We had breakfast at a cafe on the seafront, went to Cap d'Ail and Eze and walked along the beach, ate sushi in sun in Place Garibaldi, and had dinner out on the now-dry terrace.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Monaco, for some religious thing. So we took advantage of the continuing sunshine and went to Menton. Despite my standing objection to Menton, it's nice enough in the sun. I'm slowly warming to the place, though I still wouldn't want to live there. Photos will follow, at some point, as usual.

Today is sunny, I have orders to fill, food shopping to do, and that's about it. I think I shall spend the afternoon lying in the sun on the terrace. Maybe I'll brave the beach and go swimming, even. How strenuous...

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