Paris Day 2 - Chartres

OK, so not really Paris at all. But it wasn't far. And our guidebook described Chartres cathedral as "the crowning architectural glory of Western civilisation". And who could miss that?

In case anyone reading this is similarly inclined, the trains go from Montparnasse station and cost 14 euros per person each way. Chartres is a pretty enough little town, though there doesn't seem a huge amount to it other than the cathedral. (Which is nice.) Many hundreds of photos will follow when my camera issue is resolved - the carving everywhere is exquisite. If you're very lucky, I'll even look up the historical blurb for you, rather than making you google it. Aren't I kind?

If you're going to Chartres, though, don't leave it too late for lunch. Eat before 12:30. (My boyfriend has just pointed out that our experience may not be universal, and I shouldn't generalise like this. He has a point - take this as a disclaimer of sorts for the entire blog and all entries past and future.) I say this because we didn't try finding lunch until about 13:00, and the restaurant we chose, in the middle of the tourist district, ran out of eggs, so I couldn't have an omelette. Not daunted, I ordered the plat du jour, only to find they'd run out of that too. I settled for a Greek salad, which was nice enough. But I wanted an omelette. So, you should learn from this and eat early.

The station platform numbering system in Chartres is also interesting. By which I mean functionally innumerate. Platforms go: 1B, 2, 2, 2B, 6, 8, 12. No indication as to what happened to numbers in between. Like 5. Poor 5. Cut off in the prime of his life.

I'm being very antisocial. So I shall leave you now. Tomorrow, you may get a bumper weekend edition of the blog, letting you know all about the canal St Martin, La Vilette, free concerts and the Louvre. Or not, depending on my mood at the time.

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Fran –   – (3 August 2010 at 10:46)  

Nicole, on the subject of platform numbers - you amaze me that after all this time, you still haven't realised you are in France - the place where all form of logic ceases to exist at the border. The place where you get a road sign for a place 400miles at a miniscule roundabout then nothing on the major roads for the next 399miles.... Need any more examples??? haha x

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