A non-scheduled post and some pictures!

At last! A post in real-time! I hear you cry. Well, you would, if you thought harder about it. Wouldn't you?

This one even has pictures. Actually, its sole purpose is to show you pictures. I'm having issues uploading photos - the library seems to have a cap on uploading things, and pictures don't pass muster, apparently. I'm still thinking about what options I have - you may have to wait until we're back in our normal home. (Assuming the landlady doesn't decide to evict us because I'm such a slob. Yes, I'm still bitter. I could have saved so many hours of beach time if I'd known she was going to hire a cleaner anyway...)

Anyway, more pictures playing with colour and black and white:

Peach Flower

Red Moped

Other than playing with GIMP, I've made hummus today and been to the post office - almost all the orders placed while I was away are now filled, and I got 2 more today. Long may it continue - the more things I sell, the less work I have to do to change all the prices back at the end of my sale, and the less work it is to set up my new website. Work on which is proceeding, slowly - I've got almost everything bar the translation of the policy pages and the rest of the product pages to do. Easy!

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