Home Sweet Home

Home at last. Internet still works, Oscar is still alive, though he's been seriously pruned, poor thing. And all his budding oranges are gone. The flat is clean, though it doesn't look any different to when I left it, except that they've reorganised the furniture (and, one assumes, cleaned under the cooker...)

Landlady is coming round later to teach us how to do things like clean the air conditioning filter (apparently legionnaire's disease grows in air conditioning filters if they aren't cleaned regularly. Wonder if that's what's made me ill.) and god knows what else. Oh, and our bathroom needs to be gutted and retiled, since water has apparently been leaking into the wall under the tiles. Nice. Workmen all over the flat for at least a week. Just what we need.

Now off to lunch and the beach. Hope you're having a good weekend!

PigletinFrance  – (31 August 2010 at 16:24)  

How did you manage to get workmen to come so quickly at the end of August? You're very lucky!

Also, did you sort out the aircon filters? I did not know you had to do this, I must ask my Hubby to have a look!

Nicole  – (31 August 2010 at 16:50)  

Oh - we didn't - they haven't come yet. Supposedly sometime towards the end of September. Maybe. Which is going to be a pain, since we can't have showers til they fix it...

And yes, the aircon filters are easy - the unit inside the house that pumps out the cold air has filters inside that apparently need to be cleaned every month. With ours, you lift off the plastic front, and there are two detachable, semi-flexible see-through plastic meshes, which need to be taken out, washed and dried thoroughly, then put back.

Needless to say, don't do this while the aircon is actually running...

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