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Our August Exile Flat is very boring when it's raining. I wrote a thousand words or so of my new story (up to 8k now!), got bored of that, had lunch, got bored of that, and then sat there staring at the ran waiting for it to finish.

When it looked like it might have actually stopped for a minute, I made a break for it, only to find that in the time it took me to get downstairs, the sun had come out fully and the whole town is now hot and steaming slightly. Nice.

Below are some pictures from sunnier days.

Fountains in Place Massena. These are a lovely place to go when there's proper summer and it's baking hot; not so much when it's pissing down with rain...



Sunset from our Exile Terrace the other night:



The man who guards the library toilets said I was trop mignonne the other day. This would be fine, if slightly irritating in the way that unwelcome compliments usually are, if it weren't for the fact that a) he's 90 if he's a day and b) he guards the library toilets, which is the only place with relatively reliable, free, internet access I've found in town. (ETA: the library is the place with internet access, not the toilets per se. Just to be clear.)

I cannot wait to move back to our proper flat.

Keith Eckstein  – (20 August 2010 at 15:11)  

The man who guards the library toilets always says that I am trop mignonne!

But he's only about 80 so I guess that's OK?

Glad you're writing; glad it's raining in Nice when it's nice and dry here in Brittany! That makes a change!

All the best


Heidemarie  – (20 August 2010 at 15:17)  

But you are darling! (I did have to google that phrase for the translation.)

Nicole  – (20 August 2010 at 15:42)  

Those extra ten years are the killer Keith; I think you're in there. Have fun!

I've decided France has decided to help me reacclimatise to the UK by throwing down buckets of rain all through August, so the shock isn't as great when I have to move back. Thoughtful of it. Or something.

Joe Hill  – (25 August 2010 at 23:54)  

Actually, Keith, I suspect you are probably "trop mignon" rather than "mignonne" - in much the same way as "filet" is!

And on the meteorological front, the attempt to reacclimatise you should be properly appreciated. Let's just hope it doesn't decide to continue the process during September!

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